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We charge the following standard rates for local moves, less than 50 miles, around Conroe or Houston areas. The following prices assume we will use the existing blocks and tie downs currently with the home. If additional materials are required, there may be an additional charge. Proper site preparation is the customer's responsibility!
We ask that you provide a clear path where the home is currently at and where it is going, including removing any trees, shrubs, or fencing that may be in the way. We can also provide that service for an additional charge, depending on how much clearing is needed.


Singlewide Standard Delivery Charge


(18 Wides add additional $500 to cover Escort)

Doublewide Standard Delivery Charge


(This price includes delivery, re-block, attach halves together including the roof ridge cap, level, and tie down. We do not include putting the siding back up or interior trim--sometimes called "trimming out"--for Doublewide deliveries.)

Additional Mileage

per mile over 35 miles for Doublewides
per mile over 35 miles for Singlewides

Vapor Barrier

per section

Trim Out for Doublewides

$2500 - std

$4500 - T&T

Using existing materials only. Additional charge may apply if new materials are needed or existing materials are damaged.

Dirt Pads

Starting at
for singlewides
for doublewides


1/4 Acre:
1/2 Acre:
1+ Acre:
per Acre
Proof of ownership will be required on ALL home deliveries. If you just purchased a home and are not on the title, the previous owner must be available to show an ID. If there is a bank lien on the house, proof of the lien release will be required.

Moving Information

We understand that talking to someone can be a pain because you don’t want to be sold. We hate being sold, too. That’s why our mantra at SouthernMH is: No hard selling, no showboating, no fluff. When you talk with us, you get a real conversation with someone who cares about your situation.
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