Service & Repair Requests

Fill this form out ONLY if you have PURCHASED a home from SouthernMH Mobile Homes. Allow 48–72 hours on a business day for your information to be updated in our system.
For new homes and homes that have been moved: please connect your water, sewer, and electricity before submitting repair requests. We want you to check your plumbing for leaks and electrical for issues before we send a repairman to your location.
EMERGENCY plumbing repairs, such as water leaks, please find your water main to shut off your water first, then call your local plumber.
EMERGENCY electrical repairs, such as sparks coming from wires or outlets, shut off your electricity at the power pole if it is safe and please call your local electrician.
Cosmetic Repairs are not a Warranty Item: If you did not purchase the Trim Out option, this pertains to Singlewides and Doublewides, cosmetic repairs are not considered warranty items and we will not send a technician for these requests.
This includes the installation or securing of any materials on the interior including loose trim, loose sheetrock, stress cracks, batting, loose carpet, loose or bubbling linoleum, uneven paint, or any other material or service to complete the interior cosmetic trim and also the installation of any materials on the exterior side walls including loose siding. Trim Out also includes checking doors to make sure they close properly.
If you DID purchase Trim Out, we WILL service your cosmetic repair requests.
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