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We’re looking for a driven, compassionate individual to join our team as a home sales consultant.
Our purpose at SouthernMH is to help people realize their American Dream by owning an affordable home that allows them to simplify their lives so they can truly live their lives.
At the center of everything we do are our 3 core values: Compassion, drive, and continual improvement. What you see on our team every day is people who care about each other, who ask how you’re doing, who want to help you, and push to get the most out of themselves every day. Every person who joins our team has these same qualities.

What’s in it for you?

SouthernMH will be a great fit for you if you share our 3 core values and you’re interested in working in an environment where you’re not just another employee but an integral part of the team whose contributions matter.
What you do is so much more than selling a home. Because of you, someone will feel the relief of finally being able to put down roots after years of bouncing around from place to place.
Because of you, someone who has been shackled to their debt will be able to pay off those debts faster and get on with living their life.
Because of you, a family will have a new place to grow and make lasting memories.
Because of you, a kid will have happier parents who can finally afford to pay for some extracurricular activities and take them on family vacations.
The work you do at SouthernMH matters. You get to take people through a process that will drastically improve their quality of life. If that privilege is something you’re interested in, read on...